These are some pictures taken during the SRP-Sweden´s anuagaration on 23 September 2006 in Stockholm under the presidency of Ek Udom Sam Rainsy with the participations of Cambodians living in Sweden and Norway and with some representatives of news agents, associations, and a writer.  

Ek Udom Sam Rainsy was giving a welcome speech. And the first picture was a welcome dinner upon his arrival on 22 September 2006.

dsc03573.JPG  dsc03577.JPG  dsc03579.JPG 

Ek Udom Samrainsy announced officially the appointment of the leaderships of SRP-Sweden  after his welcome speech and open question forum to all participants. He then handed over Cambodian Flag, Party Party Flag, and Party stamp and the letter of appointment to Mr. HUN Vanna-first SRP-Sweden´s mandate president for official uses.

dsc03582.JPG  dsc03600.JPG  dsc03601.JPG 

dsc03602.JPG  dsc03603.JPG dsc03605.JPG 

Outdoor pictures after the party´official anauguration.

dsc03607.JPG Outdoor Pictures after SRP-Sweden officially anounced  dsc03590.JPG  

                           dsc03609.JPG   dsc03610.JPG   dsc03612.JPG



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